Whole House "Distributed" Audio

Whether your building a New Home, or want to add some speakers to your existing space, we can help! We offer both wired and wireless indoor and outdoor speaker packages. In-ceiling speakers are very popular during new construction. We have a highly skilled Installation staff that can help install them in your existing space as well. Contact the store for more details. "Life's more fun when your tapping your toes to your favorite tunes!'

Nuvo Whole House Music System

Legrand's multi-room audio systems make music a true part of the home, offering stellar audio quality and reliable performance. With elegant in-wall or convenient handheld control, navigation is easy and intuitive, while the rest of the system remains out-of-sight, allowing the music to be heard, not seen. With NuVo's Internet music streaming services listen to all of your favorite music, all of the time. This system can be configured with a combination of in-wall controls and handheld tablet control giving you quick access to your music library. NuVo systems are the perfect fit for any home. Imagine walking into any room of the house, and with the touch of a button turning on the sound from the game in the other room, or having instant access to your iTunes library. These can be installed with your existing speakers or we have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor speakers available here at the store. Stop by our showroom and see and hear for yourself.

Bose SoundTouch Music System

SoundTouch™ is an entirely new way to stream music wirelessly around your home, easier than ever before. SoundTouch™ systems connect directly to your favorite Internet stations and streaming music sources like Deezer, Pandora®, Spotify® and iHeartRadio, putting them right at your fingertips. Wi-Fi streaming is fast becoming the new listening standard. We’ve made it easier and more rewarding for you to enjoy. If you truly love music, you want it to flow through your home. That’s why there’s a SoundTouch™ system for every room—from small and portable speakers to outdoor systems and home theater. Start with any one SoundTouch™ system, and keep adding them whenever you’d like. These systems work together to create a multi-room listening experience, so you can play the same music everywhere or listen to different music in different rooms—even on the patio.

"Simple" Receiver Distribution

A popular cost effective way of putting music throughout your home is to create a simple distribution system using an A/V or Stereo receiver. When wired through an Impedance matching speaker selector, we can place volume controls and speakers in your living spaces everywhere you would like to have sound. Often times, people have us program a Universal RF remote giving them the flexibility to walk around and change tracks, stations, etc. Many newer A/V receivers from Onkyo, Marantz, and Anthem have Dual Zone capabilities so you can divide the house into Zone 1 and 2 giving you the ability to listen to different sources in different areas of the house. This type of system is typically limited to 2 zones VS the Nuvo whole house system that is capable of having different sources in every room. Stop by the store and speak with a system designer for more information.